About Us

Baltiere Urban Culture, formally known as Grind Hard Hustle Harder, was created/founded by Amir Winston (CEO) in November of 2013 and later rebranded in September 2014.
Grind Hard Hustle Hard, G3H for short, was thought of at a school desk during 4th period during Amir's time attending high school. Always being interested in having the best image of himself and wondering how he could stand out from the others, he then he decided to start a clothing brand. One day he came to school with a newly designed G3H hoodie and all of his peers couldn't help to ask "where did you get that hoodie from."
As he started to sell clothes to his peers, the attention to the brand stated to grow. Now selling to different schools all around the city, Amir knew that this was his way of living.
Baltiere Urban Culture, is now one of the top brand to come out of the city of Philaldephia. With over 100 showcases, 1000+ sells, and plenty of networking that has been built this brand is close to the top if it isn't there already. 
"It's Not Just Clothing It's A Way Of Living"
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