About Us

Baltiere Urban Culture, formally known as Grind Hard Hustle Harder, was created/founded by Amir Winston in November of 2013 and later rebranded in September 2015. With Amir always being interested in having the best image for himself and standing out from the crowd, he decided to start a clothing brand while in high school. Ironically, there was a t-shirt shop within walking distance of school grounds and decided to give it a test run. His newly designed hoodie had his peers intrigued about where he got it from. This is when Amir knew that Baltiere Urban Culture was his way of living.

Baltiere Urban Culture is now one of the top creative brands to come out of the city of Philadelphia. With over 100+ showcases, 1,000+ sales, Baltiere is close to being the top creative designers.
"It's Not Just Clothing, It's A Way Of Living."